Member Guide

Member Guide

The system makes it easy to enter all of your events. You sign up for events on the 'Your Events' page, which is the default page you get after you log in. You can get back to it at any time with the link on the navigation bar to the left.

Individual events


The first section of the page deals with individual events. The events you are currently signed up for are shown in a table. You can remove any of them by clicking the delete icon on the right side of the row.

Add events by selecting them in the dropdown menu and clicking 'Submit'. Events which are grayed out have been locked by your chapter administrator for some reason. This is usually done because the event has filled up or is a qualifier-only event.

Team events

The second section of the page shows your team events. Each of your teams is listed, along with all of your teammates. The 'View' link will take you to the view team page for that team.

To join a team for an event, select the event in the dropdown box and click 'Submit'. You will be presented with a list of all teams currently in the chapter. You can join a team by clicking the 'Join' link in the team's row. If a team has chosen to not allow anyone from the chapter to join, the team will be marked 'Locked' and you must ask a team member to add you themselves. If a team is full, it will be marked as such and cannot be joined.

If you do not see the team you want to join, you can create your own with the 'Create new team' button at the bottom of the page. A new team will be created with you as the captain. From here, you can add more members to the team or open it to anyone in the chapter to join.

View team page


The "view team page" provides details about a team, allows it to be edited, and provides a message board for its members to communicate.


The first section of the page contains a list of all the members in the team. The team captain is indicated with a [C]. The captain has the power to remove members, moderate the message board, and configure team settings. If you are in the team, there will be a 'Leave' link next to your own name that allows you to leave the team. If you are the captain, there will also be 'Remove' and 'Promote' links next to the names of everyone else in the team. 'Promote' hands over the team captainship to the selected user.

Below the table is the interface to add new members. If you are not a member of the team you are viewing and it is open and not full, there will be a 'Join this team' link. If you are a member of the team and it is not full, you will be able to add new members to the team. Simply select their name from the dropdown box and click 'Add'.

Message board

Next is the team message board. Team members can use the board to communicate amongst themselves. Whenever a message is posted, all team members will be sent an email unless they have opted out through their settings. Depending on the team privacy settings, nonmembers may be able to view or even post to the board. Any message may be deleted by its author or by the team captain.


The last part of the page (not shown in the picture) allows the team captain to set the privacy settings for the team. There are two settings available:

  1. Who may join the team:
    • Anyone in the chapter
    • Team members may add new members
    • Only the team captain may add new members
  2. Who may access the board:
    • Anyone in the chapter may view or post
    • Anyone in the chapter may view but only members may post
    • Only members may view or post

The team captain may also delete the team using the appropriate button at the bottom of the page.

Event List


The event list page is the most important informational page for you as a chapter member. It details the number of people or teams currently signed up for each event along with the maximum number that your chapter will be able to send.

An example of this screen is shown to the right. Keep in mind that the example was generated at the State level.

The screen is divided into tables for individual and team events. The "Num" column reports the current number of individuals or teams registered for the event. Clicking on this number will show a list of who is registered for the event. The "Max" column reports the maximum number of entrants at the current level.

  • Red events have been locked by a chapter advisor, and cannot be entered. This may be because it has filled up, or is qualification-only. Check with your advisor if you are confused as to why an event is locked. In the example, the events are locked because they are qualification-only, so no new people can sign up for States if they did not qualify in Regionals.
  • Yellow events are unlocked and can be entered. However, you must enter these events at the current level if you want to enter in the next level. For instance, in the picture, Essays on Technology is yellow because only the top three teams from each state will be allowed to compete at Nationals.
  • Green events are unlocked and can be entered. Unlike yellow events, these events do not need to be entered at the current level to go to the next. For example, in Career Comparisons, one team per chapter may enter Nationals regardless of whether they attended States.

Some events have icons next to them:

  • Lock icons indicate locked events in addition to the red color
  • Exclamation marks indicate events for which more people are signed up than the maximum. Note that you can still sign up as long as the event is not locked. This allows the chapter advisor to see everyone interested in the event, so that the conflict can be resolved fairly instead of first-come-first-serve. Also, sometimes more people qualify than the strict maximum and they can all go (see the PA Qualification Rules). In these cases, the mark can be ignored.

Other Lists

The member list and team list provide detailed information about the other members of the chapter and their events. Details about using these screens are in the advisor guide.